For the first time werkgruppe2 publishes a research for listening. In a podcast series we interview experts in Ireland, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Namibia, the USA and Japan. The podcasts are created in collaboration with DEINE KORRESPONDENTIN, a online magazine and network of freelance journalists from all over the world.

How is the right to abortion currently regulated in these ten countries? What does the practical implementation look like, where are the barriers, ambiguities and the need for action? Who are the feminist activists and what are they fighting for? Where is resistance? How does the right to abortion correspond with other social movements?

From april 2021 the podcast serial is published on the website with a weekly new episode:

#1: Ireland mit der Autorin Una Mullally und der Auslandskorrespondentin Mareike Graepel

#2: Sri Lanka with Sonali Gunasekara, director for advocacy at the Family Planning Association in Sri Lanka and sout-east-asia correspondent Natalie Mayroth

#3: Colombia with Mónica Roa, a human rights lawyer, and the journalist Franziska Pröll

#4: Polamd with artist and musican Karolina Micula and EU-parlliamentarian Terry Reintke

#5: Netherlands with social activist Devia Partiman and journalist Sarah Tekath

#6: Namibia with the young political activist Ndiilokewa Nthengwe and correspondent Lisa Ossenbrink

#7: Germany with Alica Baier and Jana Maeffert (founders of Doctors for Choice e.V.) and journalist Meredith Haaf (in german)

#8: Argentinia theatre producer Marina Rosenzvaig and correspondent Anne Herrberg (in german)

#9: East-Germany with Ulrike Busch, professor for family planning (in german)

#10: USA with sociologist Gretchen Sisson and filmcritic and journalist Marietta Steinhart

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