CRYING is a digital storytelling project that shows a growing collection of videos. In these videos actors tell their own story of crying. Who is crying on stage or on screen: the character, the actress, the private person or everyone in their own way? How much can we "believe" the tears? When do they manipulate the audience? What (social) function do they have?

The doubt whether there can be false tears at all is related to analytical descriptions of the tear production process. In addition to the concrete reflection of this form for the production of emotionality in artistic works, the project opens a space through the stories told, for the uncertainty and sadness that is directly linked to this theme and for which there is so little room in the present situation.

Nov 2020

concept werkgruppe2

directing Julia Roesler

music Insa Rudolph

dramaturgy Silke Merzhäuser

editing Isabel Robson

website Jan Frölich



Ariane Andereggen
Robin Arthur
Imme Beccard
Matthias Buss
Gina Calinoiu
Angelika Fornell
Bettina Grahs
Carsten Hentrich
Hauke Heumann
Ursula Hobmair
Alrun Hofert
Sven Hönig
Thomas Lichtenstein
Ahmad Kiki
Nicolas Matthews
Denise M'Baye
Sithembile Menck
Caroline Nagel
Tim Porath
Marc Prätsch
Franziska Roloff
Christine Rollar
Martin Schnippa
Fanny Staffa
Lars Wittershagen





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