FREDDA MEYER shortfilm

Katharina is clinic clown Fredda Meyer. At work in the children's hospital, her child Moritz, who was suffering from cancer, grew dear to her heart. Moritz will soon die. Fredda stays and is there for the parents, for the carers, cleaning staff and for Moritz. She makes fun when nobody can laugh anymore. She cries clown tears when everyone is frozen. Fredda breaks the taboos and conventions of how we deal with death.

After the first short film MARINA, werkgruppe2 is producing another short film based exclusively on interviews.


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Germany 2021
19:40 Min






Eva Löbau, Denise M'Baye, Spencer Kießling, Imme Beccard, Martin Schnippa, Volker Muthmann, Nele Kießling

director Julia Roesler

script Silke Merzhäuser, Julia Roesler

camera/ editor Isabel Robson

music Insa Rudolph

sound Swantje Alter

costumes Dorothea Kurtz

set design Lea Dietrich





Filmfest Dresden, 2021, National Competition, Special Mention







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