In former times there was a tavern in every village, today they are vacant and are only occupied in the context of funerals.

The new production by werkgruppe2 VILLAGE LIFE (IM DORF) is shown in such taverns along the inner German border in Lower Saxony and Thuringia. Through it we are telling the story of Beate and Asan – a young couple who we have accompanied and interviewed over the course of two years. The young woman is a tavern owner’s daughter and has fallen in love with Asan, an underage Syrian refugee. Now the two are having their first child and will move back to the woman’s home village – the young man is ‘the first foreigner’ there.

What happens when a young refugee comes across such a family- and village-community which have come to terms with their disparity and their contradictories? Which memories of their own non-fleeing-history are triggered by the new family member? Which questions of identity, hospitality and faith in the future are suddenly asked anew?

The online-documentation of VILLAGE LIFE is available! Including impressions of the longtime-research and staging, accompanying texts, photos and videos: here!

Nächste Vorstellungen:



28.09. Obernfeld
29.09. Gelliehausen
18.10. Wehnde
19./20.10. Lenglern
25.10. Gladebeck
26.10. Siemerode
27./28.10. Rüdershausen
04.11. Ferna
15.11. Friedland
16./17.11. Nesselröden
24.11. Ecklingerode

duration:100 min

directing/ research 
Julia Roesler

music/ radio play 
Insa Rudolph

scenery and costumes/ video 
Léa Dietrich

dramaturgy/ research 
Silke Merzhäuser

Elisabeth-Marie Leistikow
Ahmad Kiki
Esra Dalfidan (vocals)
Uli Genenger (percussion)

assistant director
Swantje Möller

presentation/ academic advisor
Stefanie Hauser

light design
Ewa Górecki

Anton Säckl




video/ photos: Lea Dietrich




funded by: