A staged camp installation

The most diverse paths of life have crossed through the border control camp, Friedland, only 10 km away from Göttingen, from 1945 to the present day. As the years passed, the camp was nicknamed, ‚gate to freedom‘ and alongside the historical significance of the place, it is this emotional term which those passing through often refer to.

The theatre project cuts a section through the history of the border crossing camp and tells – based on interviews with people who passed through Friedland – of the tragic and wide-reaching bearings of the place, from the hope, fears and longings and to what extent it actually was a gate of freedom for them. Through the space and interaction, the audience become inhabitants themselves and experience the staged everyday life of the camp.

Video here

“When I first got here, I was like an alien from outer space!”


The piece is called FRIEDLAND, land of peace. ‘Friedland’ in the foolhardy sense of the word. A young, talented ensemble. Convincing. It is worth the long trip. Better than a lot of other documentation.      


photos: Isabel Winarsch

20.Mai 2009

Saline Luisenhall
Altes Magazin

research: werkgruppe2 & Silke Merzhäuser
directing: Julia Roesler
music: Insa Rudolph
stage design: Nicola Antonia Schmid
costume design: Julia Schiller
dramaturgy: Silke Merzhäuser

A co-production by werkgruppe2 and Deutsches Theater in Göttingen


photos: Isabel Winarsch

Mit Gaby Dey, Johanna Diekmeyer,  Andreas Jeßing, Lorenz Liebold, Ulf Nolte, Franziska Roloff, Insa Rudolph