A documentary art work

On hand from interviews with circus people, the new piece CIRCUS tells of striving for the public’s favour, the magic of the moment and the boundaries to ‘normal’ life. What happens in the ring has nothing to do – and at the same time – everything to do with our everyday life and that is why it is so particularly appealing. What the acrobats, clowns and animal trainers show us is a contest between elementary aptitudes and rules which structure our everyday life: gravity, gender boundaries or the hierarchy between man and animals. It seems that here nothing is impossible and that makes the circus a revolutionary endeavour!

„The colourful circus world is not as sparkly as it seems, there is a lot more is behind it, a lot more…“


NDR Kultur
The piece is moving, very funny, often melancholic and mostly quite bizarre. By the way, in one respect circus people and theatre makers are quite similar: they fight for the public’s appreciation. In this case, there were minute-long standing ovations at the premiere and there was no doubt as to whom they were for.

8.Juni 2012

Saline Luisenhall

Concept werkgruppe2
directing Julia Roesler
music Insa Rudolph
design Nicola Antonia Schmid
dramaturgy Silke Merzhäuser

CIRCUS is a werkgruppe2 production in Cooperation with Kunsthalle Wien, Deutsches Theater in Göttingen and  Saline Luisenhall.

14.,15.,16. Juni
23./ 24./ 28./ 29./ 30. August 
01.+02. September, Kunsthalle Wien

With: Nikolaus Kühn, Karl Miller, Franziska Roloff, Isabelle Stolzenburg

Musicians: Marie-Theres Haertel, Insa Rudolph, Jan Schreiner

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