A documentary theatre project

The hospital murders that took place between 2000 and 2005 in the hospitals of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst exceed our imagination. The number of people killed and attempted killings is too high, the period in which the perpetrator acted seemingly unnoticed over many years is too long and the trust in the medical care system, to which we too can be exposed at any time, was immediately destroyed.

How does a city deal with this event, which is now part of its own history?

The theatre project searches for the open questions and gaps in the narratives that make it so difficult to understand what happened. Because the entire event and its reappraisal are marked by gaps. The theatre project collects and arranges this nescience: the gaps, the negligent omissions, the accumulated emotions, the unnoticed memories. In this way, a debate can emerge that deals with survival in the broadest sense: Relatives live on without their killed relatives, people have survived killing attempts thanks to successful resuscitations, witnesses struggle for their credibility, nurses and doctors conscientiously perform their services in the hospitals of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst and need the trust of the patients for this.

The production is based on interview texts and direct quotes, which are reproduced by actors word-for-word, as well as new musical compositions for a wind trio.

A Co-Production by werkgruppe2 and Oldenburgisches Staatstheater.


February 2020

Kleines Haus

Staatstheater Oldenburg

concept and research Julia Roesler, Silke Merzhäuser und das Ensemble

directing Julia Roesler

dramaturgy Silke Merzhäuser, Marc-Oliver Krampe

composition Insa Rudolph

scenery and costumes Charlotte Pistorius

musical directing Jan Schreiner

with: Caroline Nagel, Nientje Schwabe, Klaas Schramm, Thomas Lichtenstein, Jan Schreiner, Jakob Rubin, Stephan Meinberg

SURVIVING is a coproduction of werkgruppe2 with Oldenburgisches Staatstheater for the Festival flausen+ Banden!






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