MARINA shortfilm

Last year werkgruppe2 startet a first short-movie-project - MARINA - based on the interview-material of the performance POLISH PEARLS. Now the 30-minutes-movie is in the phase of postproduction.

Content: The Romanian care-worker, Marina tells of her daily life employed 24/7 in a German private home: of the conflict of carrying out vital emotional work whilst having to live far away from her own family. Performing invisible work in isolation in the house of an old man, Marina becomes a personification of ‘East European cheap labour’. The death of the old man causes her to reflect on this occupation.



MARINA wins the GOLDEN DOVE in the Competion for German Competion short Film and the HEALTHY WORKPLACES FILM AWARD for the best work-related documentary or animated film at the 61. International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film.

Jury Statement

"I like to be among these people, right until their end", she says. The open face of Marina reflects what she is confronted with during her exhausting everyday life as a nurse. The affection of those for whom she prepares the meals, for whom she makes the beds, the ones she washes and dresses, for whom she cleans and does the shopping. The arrogance of those, who do not care themselves for their parents and think they would be able to buy with the low wage the whole person who does a large part of the nursing job, round the clock, which they would never do – and certainly not for the pay Marina gets. Marina abandons her own life together with her daughter, relinquishes her home which she visits every four weeks only and renounces a job which would be equivalent to her higher professional qualification. Marina’s stories, precisely arranged by Julia Roesler, reflect the hardships resulting from the modern slave trade with nursing staff from the East. The film, full of precise words and images thus reflecting the lives of many Marinas, helps gently introducing us into a situation which is part of our world – a situation often largely disregarded.



Cast Gina Calinoiu, Gerd Peiser, Lara Guzman Zevallos

Director Julia Roesler

Skript Silke Merzhäuser/ Julia Roesler

Music Insa Rudolph

Camera/ Editor  Isabel Robson

Design Lea Dietrich

Sounddesign Ansgar Frerich

Colour Grading Basis Berlin

Mastering Sönke Westphal

Dramaturg  Silke Merzhäuser

Production werkgruppe2


Fotos: Lea Dietrich


funded by:

28 min.; october 2018
in English/German
with german/ English Subtiles 


Dok Leipzig. International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film, National Competition, October 2018, World Premiere

Filmfest Dresden. International Shortfilm Festival, Special Programme: Expanded. Hybride Transzendendes, April 2019

Busan Internationales Short Film Festival, International Competition, April 2019, International Premiere

VI. Festival de Finos Filmes, São Paulo, May 2019

Wendland Shorts, Juni 2019

Seoul International Film Festival, International Competition, Sept. 2019

Best of International Shorts Films Festival, La Ciotat, Okt 2019

Unabhängiges Filmfest Osnabrück, Programm Focus on Europe, Okt 2019

Braunschweig International Film Festival, Programm Mittellange Filme, Nov 2019

Vilnius International Short Film Festival, International Competition, Jan 2020

Festival International Signos da Noite, Lissabon, International Competition, Jan 2020



Golden Dove, DOK Leipzig, 2018

Healthy Workplaces Film Award für den besten Dokumentarfilm zum Thema Arbeit, EU-OSHA, DOK Leipzig, 2018

Golden Yardstick for best individual artistic performance, Wendland Shorts 2019