VILLAGE LIFE: a long-term research project

The story centres on the life of a young girl in a former German interior border village who has recently become pregnant by her boyfriend, a young Syrian Kurd. He is an asylum seeker who has come to Germany and lives in a home for refugee minors. The village community’s reaction to this situation has been heated, opinions and judgments quickly surfaced. In this long-term research project over two years, the development of their relationship, the unplanned pregnancy and the responses between those affected, the family and the village community will be observed.

What determines how this situation is discussed – from the personal level of those involved to the function of the village community; from the political perspective to connections to the world far beyond the village? How will the young couple find a way of life together considering their very different upbringings and how do they position themselves within village life? What challenges do they face, where do they find support or rejection?

How does the individual and at the same time social process work within village structures?

When one says they come „vom Dorf“ (from a village), they mean more than just, I come from a small collection of houses in the country. Coming from a village also means, I come from where it is actually a little dull, a little square; from a place which one would actually like to leave. Everyone knows everyone in a village and everyone knows what each person is up to. It is difficult to develop as an individual. A village is small and conservative, the same party governs it and when foreigners come, they are eyed critically at first.


Regie/ Recherche Julia Roesler

Musik/ Hörspiel Insa Rudolph

Ausstattung/ Video Léa Dietrich

Dramaturgie/ Recherche 
Silke Merzhäuser

Elisabeth-Marie Leistikow
Ahmad Kiki




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